Maria Kasepalu

The curious spirit of Maria Kasepalu has taken her to different and sometimes strange places. She has been a construction worker, substitute teacher, babysitter, sales manager, studied clothes manufacturing and roman languages-cultures, been active in politics and volunteered for 7 months in Spain. When finishing her law master’s studies, she discovered that her soul desires something different.

Thanks to Erasmus+ she had an opportunity to participate in a couple of trainings that turned her previous worldview upside down. With a training of trainers she also became a CEFE certified trainer on entrepreneurship. Little by little she realised that she is looking for opportunities for increasing connection from each and every experience. Using these workshops, that have changed her own life, she now desires to share the connection experience with others.

Michal Grodza

A graduate of English teaching department, he realised that formal educational setting is somehow not giving people the capacities to coexist peacefully in a state of fulfillment on the earth. That’s why he got carried away by particiapting in and facilitating quite a few multicultural training courses and youth exchanges under the Erasmus plus programme. Since few years ago, Michal realised that he is good at connecting people and he started to dedicate his time to youthwork employing various methods of non-form education i.e. learning while playing, engaging with others. During the years he has gathered valuable experience in training youth workers and mentoring youth in the area of health, relationships, languages, self-awareness and career as well as providing them support in carrying out their own projects and Initiatives. All that using experiential and other non-form methods of learning.

His enthusiasm for becoming a better version of himself guided him into the realms of self-development, cold-water therapy, Esperanto, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. What he believes is that through self-awareness, self-acceptance and wilful development of a balance between empathy and assertivity one can life a fulfilled life and contribute to the lives of others in the society.

Maret Kasepalu

Maret Kasepalu is a practicing psychologist with experience of 30 years. Besides councelling she has also been training people for decades already, for the last 13 years she has been active in a school environment. Apart from her master’s degree from Tartu University she has kept on educating herself on various topics, from communication trainings to sexual counselling and neurolingvistic programming.

She holds personal development very close to her heart, reads articles and watches videos on the topic daily. Life’s challenges have been the greatest teacher and this has made her understand what it means to be a human being on a deeper level.

Anni Sahkur

Anni Sahkur started her photogtraphy career already in high school. This opened the door to creative solutions world, in addition she is working on social media marketing, creating content, making ads and other digital visual solutions. Besides travelling a lot she has lived in Austria, England, France and Australia, all of which have contributed to her path of self-discovery. In the latter she worked as the creative director in different well-known companies and is currently working as well as a creative director in Estonia. Also she’s in the course of graduating University of Tallinn. That’s a lot for a young person, isn’t it!