Maria Kasepalu

Maria is focusing her efforts to co-creating a world where the school supports the creativity, initiative and mental health of the youth. She has a cum laude master’s degree from Tartu University in Law and she is a CEFE certified trainer on entrepreneurship.

At Metamorfoos Maria is the main motor to keep things running and advancing.

Michal Grodza

Michal has a master’s degree from English teaching department. He realised that formal educational setting is somehow not giving people the capacities to coexist peacefully in a state of fulfillment on the earth. That’s why he got carried away by particiapting in and facilitating quite a few multicultural training courses and youth exchanges under the Erasmus plus programme. He has vast experience as a youth worker, facilitator of non-formal education and in organizing international events for the polyglot community.

At Metamorfoos Michal is the main man for facilitating non-formal education workshops and sometimes he organizes events.

Maret Kasepalu

Maret Kasepalu is a practicing psychologist with experience of 30 years. Besides councelling she has also been training people for decades already, for the last 13 years she has been active in a school environment. Apart from her master’s degree from Tartu University she has kept on educating herself on various topics, from communication trainings to sexual counselling and neurolingvistic programming.

At Metamorfoos Maret has an advisory role.

Anni Sahkur

Anni works as a multimedia specialist and is studying Semiotics at Tallinn University.

At Metamorfoos she takes photos and videos of events and helps to create better visual content when she has extra time.