Connection getaway – Expand your social circle on an island adventure!
If the idea of meeting new people while discovering the abundant nature of Aegna island brings sparks to your eyes, then we’ve got the event for you.
We’re bringing together up to 24 people to get to know each other through guided activities that bring fun to the process of meeting new people.
The reason why the getaway happens is that the modern life is increasingly filled with busy obligations and distractions and we devote less and less time to simply have fun with other people and connect.
Also, we’ve noticed that strong bonds between people usually get built in school or at work due to the amount of time spent together and other connections tend to be more superficial. We’re creating an environment where people can connect on a deeper level within only a weekend by facilitating the process. You will definitely have valuable memories from this getaway and who knows, maybe also some new friendships or even a partnership.
Activities at the getaway
The island getaway will include various games and sessions focusing on getting to know other people, connecting to them as well as the nature. All that while having fun and time to switch off surrounded by the beauty of the Aegna island nature reserve.
We will have the chance to experience ice-breaking games, discover the island, enjoy holistic mind-body practices, nature walks, play like children and indulge in conversations by the bonfire.
On the first day we will be talking and listening quite a bit and the activities are designed so that step by step we are more able to talk from the heart and listen with the heart. One of the simplest activities that we start with is walking in pairs, given a specific question to discuss, then another question with another person, etc. There will also be a coaching method on effective communication, a community building method from old tribes, to bring a few examples. And there are loads of fun activities so that we don’t get into the trap of taking life too seriously Michal has extensive experience in adult games that really rock (no worries, no embarrassing Estonian wedding games at the Getaway).
Since there is quite a lot of talking and listening happening on the first day, the second day will start with focusing on ourselves with some mind-body techniques (no prior experience needed), and will develop during the day to knowing each other on the body level. This interesting sphere is usually not explored when interacting with people. There are no sexual/erotic/naked elements during the sessions of the Getaway. This you can do privately after the Getaway, if you wish 🙂
We use different experiential learning methods.

Who comes to the getaway?
Anyone who feels like having a break from the busyness of everyday life, develop connections with other international people, have a lot of fun and enjoy the peace of the nature. People who attend our events tend to be between 25 and 40 but also younger and older people are welcome and have so far enjoyed our events to a great extent.
We will be living in a magical place called Kosmos in the middle of the lush forest. Kosmos offers us nearby beaches, hammocks, a wooden deck with outdoor kitchen, huge bonfire place and more. We will be spending most of the time outdoors or in a spacious, artistic training room in case it rains.
The accommodation is organised so that 3 people share a cabin, as the cabins are used only for sleeping. There are natural outdoor toilets and a modern shower room on the premises, but not in the cabins. You can check it out here:
There is wifi on the premises; however, we invite you for a challenge to disconnect from the technologies for the weekend if possible.
Food and drinks
We will be preparing nutritious vegetarian food for the main courses. Tea, coffee and snacks will be offered during breaks between the activities.
We don’t offer alcohol and we encourage you to keep alcoholic drinks for some other occasions, however if you wish to end the evening with a glass of beer or other not so heavy drink then that is perfectly fine and you can bring it along yourself.
We will travel by boat on Saturday morning and come back on Sunday evening. The boat tickets are included in price.
What is the price?
The price per person is 110€.
It includes a return boat ticket, accommodation for 1 night, healthy vegetarian food, coffee and tea, bonfire evening as well as guided games and sessions to help us all connect and have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. The payment info is in the registration form.
Where can I register?
There are only 24 spots for this adventure, 3 already taken by the organisers of the event. After registering you will receive an email with payment details. Your registration is confirmed only after receiving the payment. This shall function on the basis of “first come, first served” principle.
We joined our various skills and experience under the goal of helping you to meet new people, play, explore and connect in a relaxing environment of nature.
Michal is skilled in connecting people and is enthusiastic about psychology of communication. He will help to create a safe environment through various funny games and exercises.
Maria offers her in depth knowledge in self-awareness and emotional intelligence and employs experiential learning methods to help us get to know ourselves better while having fun.
Kätlin brings to the table the connection with nature through her mindful and yoga activities associated to the elements of air, ground, fire and water that help to relax our minds and bodies.
Have a question? You can ask us on FB or call Maria on +372 5199 4971.