We connect people on a deeper level. We help people develop emotional intelligence and the perks that come with it: from authenticity and harmony within oneself to great cooperation skills with others.

Metamorfoos: ice-breaking games * discovering * connection

Ice-breaking games

We facilitate games to help people have fun and connect with each other while laughing their hats off. Perfect for birthday parties and for building a stronger sense of community. Helps to connect with one’s own inner child who than playfully can connect with other inner children. Games bring us to the present moment and reduce stress.

Opportunities: (1) Invite us to your birthday party or gathering, we will help your participants break the ices, get to know one another and have a laughing start, so that the good vibes are spread all around the place and you can continue with the program; (2) Visit Keila 16+ play sessions.


We use the tool of experiential learning – games, simulations, role-plays – to help individuals and teams explore the psychology of communication and increase their emotional intelligence while having fun. This way we aim to create an atmosphere of trust that contributes to a joyful workplace.

We use non-formal education tools to help people get important insights. As certified non-formal education facilitators, we don’t do lectures. Learning happens through „games“: simulations, role-plays, etc. Learning points get clear and verbalised after the „games“ in group discussion,  while analysing what happened and why. The group learns organically from the insights coming from each other, being guided by the facilitator.

Opportunities: (1) invite us to do a training for your team; (2) visit PsychoGames events.


We use different methods on connecting people with oneself and the others. We use breathwork, meditation, non-formal education methods, etc. We love building real and deep connections between people: healthy group dynamics help the individuals of the group to become more healthy. Loneliness is as unhealthy as obesity or as smoking 10 cigarettes a day, according to research to live a fulfilling, prosperous life we are to cultivate meaningful bonds with other people and with ourselves. We help to cultivate connection.

Opportunities: (1) Invite us to contribute to making strong connections in your team/group of people; (2) visit Connection Getaway events.

We tend to combine the above-mentioned elements, having each event tailor-made according to specific needs.  If what we do resonates with you, let us know. Like our Facebook page to be up to date with our events.

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Heli Malm
Heli Malm
I went to a game night called Psycho Games, held in Workland Vabaduse. I loved the games that taught a lot about how we make decisions, it... gave a perfect chance to come out of the comfort zone. Michal was very good at making conclusions about the learning points of the games. In general it was fun, taught a lot and I will definitely want to participate as well on other game nights.read more
Salome Khurtsidze
Salome Khurtsidze
I have been to Connection Getaway event: it was truly re-connecting with myself and with the other participants. The team built up such a... comfortable and safe space for us where we could voice our thoughts and true emotions. Connection getaway was the event radiating the love and the energy. 💙read more
Jean Arnold
Jean Arnold
I have been at 2 events organised by them. I was not used to go to group events before, now I want to participate in everything they... organise! 😊 The first time I was surprised how people were so friendly with each other and we could play like children who don't care that they just met 1h ago.I kept in touch with a lot of people from that event. The second time was a Connection Getaway. The quality of the workshops and the safe atmosphere created allowed everyone to open and share. We reached the level of friendship in one day. Maria, Kät and Michal, I told you already but never enough! That event changed my life for good! Thank you so muuch! I want more!read more
Petar Ushakov
Petar Ushakov
These guys were warm, welcoming, caring and professional from start to finish. Couldn't be happier about the time spent with them! Would... certainly join them for future events too!read more