Connection Catalyst – Friendship day

Are you looking for a way how to connect to other international folks out there? Are you interested in meeting friends from other countries? Doesn’t the context of pubs and parties live up to your expectations of truly getting to know someone?

We are inviting you to broaden your circle of friends on the 1st event of its kind just a day after Estonia celebrates the Friendship day.

Connection catalyst is a 3h guided meetup, where by the help of guides we slowly open up through name games, ice-breaking and group-dynamics exercises. Basically we do it the natural children way – through play and laughter. Step by step we help you to put your adult mask away and experience the joy of play.

Once the ices are broken and we have refreshed ourselves with tea and snacks, the second part can begin.

Using the natural power of experiential learning, the guides will facilitate a group reflection and discussion on the topic of friendship. In this way, we will get to know what life insights and stories the others are carrying with them, thus, getting to know one another on a deeper level.

This event may be quite a good start for your other Saturday evening plans. You may choose to continue hanging out together with your new friends around the vivid area of Telliskivi.

When: Saturday, 15th February at 14:00 – 17:00 (be advised to come on time as the 1st games are essential for breaking the ices)

Where: Urban Yogini, Telliskivi 60, ON-Maja II korrus, Tallinn

What to bring: comfy clothes allowing you to move freely, maybe a mug for tea (so that we leave less paper cup mess)

Registration: the number of participants is limited to 25 so as to have a comfy atmosphere and opportunity to engage meaningfully with everyone. Therefore, all the participants need to register using this link:

Price: As it is the 1st meetup we offer lower price of 12€ included is a three-hour guided session with snacks and tea
Contact: Michal Grodza +372537188376

P.S. Open for everybody eager to meet the others and participate fully.
Interested in the benefits of play for adults?

Interested in Experiential learning?

The event is also up on facebook, feel free to invite friends along: